Get ready to watch YouTube videos through WhatsApp

Now a day everyone is using various types of messenger services for their personal purpose and in that Whatsapp is one among them. WhatsApp application is one of the largest messaging services with over 1.2 billion users universally. The Facebook-owned firm has regularly been adding extra features to make its application more useful and fun. First the service update of the WhatsApp application, the chat platform granted the users to share the documents of format other than the PDF files and even the service maintain the quality of images which shared over its chats. Recently the services updated the about me status and picture status. Picture status is nothing but the user can post the pictures or video and it will automatically vanish after 24 hours.

WhatsApp application is now working on a new feature that will admit the users to stream the YouTube video within the application itself. Recently, the video links which is sent from the YouTube channel open and take over the whole screen and they can launch the YouTube application. The new update of the WhatsApp application will allow the user, instead of changing completely from one application to other application and view the shared YouTube videos in
Image-in and image-out mode inside the Whatsapp chat application. Mobile phone with split-screen performance can still play both the applications at the same time, but the functional capability of this in carrying the task is not up to the mark. Apart from this, WhatsApp application has various other specifications which will be formally activated in the scheduled update.

About application work

WhatsApp application will let the user drag the video around the application without pausing and it will grant the users to resize the video on the mobile phone screen with a strong press. Among the Appleā€™s phones, the new feature may only come to the iPhone 7 device, iPhone 7 Plus device, iPhone 6S Plus device, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, due to the bigger screen size required for this feature to work correctly in the application. WhatsApp application has recently also established various features like video calling feature, end-to-end encryption, and a desktop application to win over a famous and loyal user base across the universe. The firms demand to have a customer base of one billion people.

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