China is impedimented its social media owned mobile application of Whatsapp

As we know that the messaging application of Whatsapp is currently dominating the world, it mainly used to share the information from one to another. There are some indispensable rules and regulations are available to access this social media owned mobile application. Eventhough this service is available around the world; it is blocked in certain countries and China is one of those. The Whatsapp could be the efficient one to chat with the people without considering the distance.

The Facebook owned chat app of Whatsapp is blocked by the China government to be away from the certain issues like network traffic issue and some other problems. In China, the user can access the respected platform but there will be no availability of these kinds of messaging apps. The Whatsapp is prying with the conversation which is made by the users and also the people from China are very interested in chatting through Whatsapp.

The reason for blocking

A recent estimation has stated that most of the people from China are meeting and facing the troubles while sending a photos or multimedia messages. In the current scenario, the social media mobile application of Whatsapp has been partially blocked. The accessing authority also made a grip on the internet by the respected government. Initially, the china is blocked the Google’s Gmail in the year of 2014 and the main reason is that the China is operating the world’s largest censorship systems. When we are comparing the Whatsapp with the China’s chating application of Wechat, the users of Wechat is high. It has nearly 900m users through online by which the applications are activated. Even though, if it is an American app, it can’t beat the performance and specifications of China’s chating mobile application. Whatsapp has the habit of encrypting every message when the Wechat messages are monitored by that.

Function of censorship

The censors are having the ability to block the messages and images which are sent in a real time manner. With the usage of this censorship, this is possible to have a one to one conversation through online with monitoring each and every message. It helps the Wechat network to reach its high standard and strategy.

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