Any format files share in WhatsApp, good news for the users!

WhatsApp has its unique place in the field of instant messaging app platform via its simplicity in the usage and low data consumption. Since WhatsApp in the platform, it was free for the users and no need to pay any service amount.

Feature of any format files sharing

Recently, it updates its feature in the advanced level of ability to share files in any format. Of course, there is a limit to transfer the files to prevent the loss of data; the maximum file size is one hundred Mega bytes on Android and one hundred twenty-eight Mega bytes on iOS. This feature makes the user share the format of files like mp3s, archives or any other types of file with our contacts. This feature will give more enthusiasm to the users and it may motivate many people to use WhatsApp without break. The feature rest in the testing phase last month and work are in progress in the last month.

Hike in the WhatsApp features

In the earlier feature, it allows the user to messages and makes a call to their friends and even family members by access of the internet connection on the phone. It has developed its features from the messaging service, send and receive photos, videos, voice message and GIF, then it enhanced the WhatsApp to the next level of making voice and video call through the internet connection. It becomes the most popular messaging application and it just keeps on getting better with all the recent updates.

The Latest version’s amazing options

In the recent version of WhatsApp gave entry as a challenge to another app in the same platform. Let see the mesmerizing features of the WhatsApp, add color filters to the media. After the capture of the photos, videos, or GIF then swipe right to add a filter in the app. If we receive multiple photos from a sender in a row, now they will be grouped together as an album. New reply shortcut can be added to a quick reply to a message by the right swipe. These features are rolled out for both the Android and iPhone.

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